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Users of this website, www.kwiksure.sg ("The/This website"), are bound by the terms and conditions contained on this web page, and agree to comply with them. The terms and associated policies within apply to the use and access of the website, its data, services, text, information, and web pages.

If you do not agree with and/or cannot comply with the terms contained on this page, you may not use or access the website in any way. The terms and conditions on this page are subject to change at any time. Any changes to the terms listed here are effective immediately, and those continuing to access the website following any changes will have been deemed to have accepted them. You may not receive notification of any revisions of Kwiksure Singapore's terms and conditions, and you agree that any such revisions or updates to the terms contained on this page will, in and of themselves, constitute sufficient notice.

Telephone calls and email correspondence with Kwiksure Singapore may be recorded and stored for training purposes, as well as for fraud prevention and quality assurance. Communicating with Kwiksure Singapore and its employees via these methods constitutes consent to have such data recorded.

All insurance policies are arranged through licensed insurance companies. Pacific Prime Insurance Brokers Singapore Pte Ltd. ("PPIBS") is a registered direct insurance broker with the Monetary Authority of Singapore. Kwiksure Singapore is wholly owned and operated by PPIBS.

If an item within this terms and conditions page is not unlawful or otherwise void, that item will be considered invalid, but all other items will continue to be enforceable as written.

Any questions about the terms and conditions found here can be directed to [email protected].

Accuracy and availability

A technical matter may cause errors on the website, or otherwise interrupt service. Kwiksure Singapore does not guarantee that such errors will be immediately remedied, nor does the company guarantee that this website will be free of computer viruses.

Any information found on the website comes from sources that are available to the public and is accurate to best of Kwiksure Singapore's knowledge at the time it is published. Any information gathered by users of the website or the tools contained on it are not considered offers of insurance to said users.

Use the materials or information found on this website at your own risk. Kwiksure Singapore provides no guarantee that files downloaded from the website will not harm user property via damage, data loss, or infection by computer viruses or other malware. Kwiksure accepts no liability for any damages resulting from the actions of an unauthorized third party.

Website access may be suspended without prior notice or warning for purposes or maintenance, or otherwise at Kwiksure Singapore's discretion.

It is the responsibility of each user to comply with all laws in their local jurisdiction as it relates to accessing the website. Any transactions forbidden by such laws are strictly prohibited, including the purchase of any products or services.

If a user's personal materials or content is lost when uploading via the website, Kwiksure Singapore is not liable.

Kwiksure Singapore does guarantee that any particular product will be sold to users, nor does Kwiksure Singapore accept liability for rejecting an application for a policy or withdrawing a product altogether, whether on an individual or company-wide basis.

Kwiksure Singapore is not liable for any statutory duty, tort (including negligence), contract, or otherwise for errors found on the website, and is not liable for indirect or direct financial or revenue losses, data losses, or damage suffered through use of the website.

PPIBS remuneration

Kwiksure Singapore is compensated for the service it provides through commissions from insurance companies. Purchasing insurance with Kwiksure Singapore constitutes your consent for the company to receive such commissions.

No advice

While Kwiksure Singapore provides advice on insurance matters, it does not provide direct medical, financial, driving, or personal advice of any kind. Any information found on the website does not take into account any of your specific details. As such, it is recommended that you seek out relevant independent advisors for advice on personal or financial issues before acting on any information found on the website.

Website links

Links on the website will lead to sources, not under Kwiksure Singapore's control. Links are provided for convenience and information, however, users visit them at their own risk. Terms and conditions found on external websites may differ greatly from those found on this page, and Kwiksure Singapore will not be held responsible/liable for the use of web pages found outside of the website. Clicking an external link will cause you to exit the website, and any loss or damage incurred by a third party website is not Kwiksure Singapore's responsibility.

Limitation of use and ownership

Users are prohibited from reproducing, publishing, posting, uploading, transferring or otherwise using any portion of the website, or creating works that are derivative of it. As well, users are prohibited from displaying any portion of the website in public without prior approval from Kwiksure Singapore, no matter what form such a display may take. All intellectual property found on the website is either legally licensed to or owned by Kwiksure Singapore or its affiliates. Using any trademark, name, logo, or image licensed by Kwiksure Singapore is strictly prohibited, and doing so will be considered an act of infringement upon the rights of the licensee.

Any commentary left by users of the website becomes the sole property of Kwiksure Singapore. As such, they may be used by Kwiksure Singapore without prior notification to the author. Users shall not input hyperlinks onto the website for any reason. Any action deemed to have interfered with, damaged, or corrupted the website, or otherwise denied service from it, shall be met with efforts to protect Kwiksure Singapore's Intellectual Property rights and website.

The website is only to be used for obtaining insurance quotes for a given user and their immediate family, or for obtaining price information on behalf of a friend. Any insurance inquiry or transaction on behalf of an immediate family member may only be carried out with their prior consent being given.


Breaching the terms and conditions found on this page is grounds to indemnify Kwiksure Singapore for all losses or costs incurred through as a direct consequence of said breach. Kwiksure Singapore reserves the ability to enforce rights related to breaches of the policies laid out on this page, even if immediate action against a user in breach is not taken.

Applicable jurisdiction and laws

The terms and conditions in this section are in implemented and maintained in accordance with the laws of Singapore, The People's Republic of China, and the Hong Kong Special Administration Region. Disputes stemming from Kwiksure Singapore's website use may be litigated in the jurisdiction and courts of Singapore, China, or Hong Kong.

Privacy / Personal Information Collection Statement (PICS)

Purpose of collection

PPIBS, through Kwiksure Singapore's website, will require a user's personal information for the following items: (a) disclosure requirements set by local laws and regulations; (b) providing users with insurance, wealth management, or financial service related promotional materials; (c) notifications or communications to users; (d) processing of payments; (e) processing and management of security and medical underwriting checks, insurance claims, and insurance policies; (f) processing of applications.

Transfer of personal data

Any personal data gathered by Kwiksure Singapore is secure and confidential, but it may be shared with the following parties: (a) anyone acting on behalf of a court order or law in a relevant jurisdiction; (b) anyone to whom PPIBS/Kwiksure Singapore must disclose information due to a binding law or other legal obligation applicable to PPIBS/Kwiksure Singapore or any associated companies or affiliates, as long as it is issued by a governmental authority with which the company is obligated to comply; (c) providers of third party services, such as data processors, accountants, repair people, specialists, surveyors, loss adjusters, investigators, and legal advisers; (d) administrators representing third parties; (e) insurance agents; (f) insurance companies.

Access and correction of personal data

Kwiksure Singapore respects the privacy of its clients and uses personal information provided by you in compliance with the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) 2012 and with great care and diligence.

Pursuant to the PDPA, you have the right to see or edit any of your personal information at any time. Beyond that, you have the legal right to request information and details on the way Kwiksure Singapore handles, stores, and discloses your information.

If you require any information or wish to amend your information stored with Kwiksure Singapore, please contact our Data Protection Officer as follows:

Email: [email protected]

Please note that links to third-party websites may have different terms and conditions as well as personal data storage practices. Kwiksure Singapore is not responsible, and can not access, any of this data stored by these other websites. Should you wish to view/amend your personal data stored on/by these websites we encourage you to contact these websites directly.

Direct marketing

The personal data that Kwiksure Singapore collects may be used for the promotion or marketing of insurance products and services only with your explicit content. Items that constitute such data include name, email, phone number, and address. These can be provided to companies associated with PPIBS.

Tick the following box and send us a copy of this notice to the address above if you do not consent to have your information distributed for the purposes mentioned above.

I do not consent to having my information distrubuted for the purposes mentioned above

If you do not 'opt-out' from the above direct marketing policy, PPIBS and Kwiksure Singapore, any quote or policy given to a user will constitute acceptance of the above-described distribution of the user's personal details for purposes of voluntary marketing. To withdraw such consent, end any direct marketing, and/or stop receiving information from Kwiksure, please contact [email protected].

Anti-spam policy

Kwiksure Singapore forbids the sending of unsolicited emails of any kind, whether on a mass or individual scale, and has a strict policy supporting this notion. Kwiksure requires that emails only be sent to users who have requested that the company do so based on accepted email guidelines. If you believe that you have received a spam email from Kwiksure, report this activity to [email protected] and an investigation will be initiated.

Cookie policy

Internet browser 'cookies' are a tool Kwiksure Singapore uses to analyze data from online traffic and page use. These can be and are used to improve the functionality of www.kwiksure.sg to better suit member and use needs. Kwiksure Singapore will not gain any specific user information, nor gain access to a user's computer systems with cookies. Most web browsers settings default to accept cookies automatically.

Confirmation of insurance

Neither the content or this website, nor the submission of your information, constitutes acceptance of a user's request and offer to purchase a product from Kwiksure Singapore. Nor will a policy request be viewed as an offer by Kwiksure Singapore to provide a service or product to any user. Confirmation of a purchase of a product will only be provided to a user following the receipt of their formal application for said product, followed by its acceptance by Kwiksure Singapore and subsequent provision of notification of acceptance. Such notification of the purchase of an insurance policy may not be formally issued in the form of a hard copy, and receipt of such a hard copy is not needed to produce a binding contract.

Products and services offered on the website may not have full product descriptions listed, and such information should not be considered complete. The details of a specific policy, including individual conditions covered and other terms, will be provided upon the decision to purchase a product either electronically or physically. If any contradiction should arise between information provided by the website and the relevant policy documentation, the policy documentation will prevail.

It is the responsibility of every user of the website to ensure that any payment information obtained from them is accurate and that sufficient funds have been allocated to address the costs of a product or service purchased.

Online transactions

Where appropriate, and in most cases, insurance policy documentation will be sent electronically. In the event that legal constraints prevent the sending of such documents electronically, physical forms will be mailed instead.

The website allows for online transactions to be made. Online purchases are not considered final until such time that Kwiksure Singapore sends a user confirmation as such. The definition of transaction confirmation is when Kwiksure Singapore has a user's acceptance and payment confirmation related to a particular product.

If a user provides Kwiksure Singapore with an expired or inactive email address, the company shall not be held liable. It is the responsibility of all users to update Kwiksure Singapore with any changes to email addresses and to make sure that all on-file email addresses function properly and are capable of receiving communications.

Kwiksure Singapore is not liable in any way for damage or loss incurred as the result of a user's payment confirmation not being received due to electronic, telecommunications, computer, software, or mechanical failure, or due to an electronic instruction not being received.

Credit card information given to Kwiksure Singapore will only be kept for as long as is necessary to carry out relevant transactions. As long as the law permits, Kwiksure Singapore reserves the rights to refuse to process any given transaction at any time, and shall not be held liable.

Purchase and payment

Before any insurance policy is provided to a user, it is required that they provide Kwiksure Singapore with a full and complete accounting of any information requested of them. Failure to supply or outright fabrication of information may result in claims being denied or may result in a voided insurance policy or fraud charge.

Requests for quotes can be submitted via our website. If a user identifies a desired plan and accepts the terms and price listed in their quote, a request for purchase can be made as long as any required information is provided. Kwiksure Singapore's staff will then forward this information to the insurer for review of the application. The insurer will then either accept or reject it. Acceptance will result in the user being presented with a legally binding insurance agreement.

Purchases made on www.kwiksure.sg must be paid in full by the date listed on the corresponding purchase confirmation. Payment can only be made using the select types of credit cards that Kwiksure Singapore or the insurer accepts. The details that will be needed for payment are as follows:

  • Full name of the cardholder
  • Credit card number
  • Card expiration date
  • Type of credit card

An insurance agreement is only legally binding following a successful payment transaction against a user's credit card, and payment being received by Kwiksure Singapore.

Return, exchange, and cancellation refund

All insurance products from Kwiksure Singapore are non-exchangeable and non-refundable. Kwiksure Singapore's policy on refunds is to adhere to the details within each insurer's respective plan refund policy, with no other refunds otherwise.

Additional terms and conditions

  • The insured recognizes that it is their responsibility to properly provide PPIBS/Kwiksure Singapore with all relevant information related to their insurance policy. If the insured works with any other third party in relation to their insurance policy, any liability stemming from this relationship remains solely the responsibility of the insured.
  • Any quote provided to a user of the website has a period of validity of fourteen days, subject to the insurer policy wording (given upon request), release of No Claims Discount (NCD), and confirmation of underwriting.
  • Once an insurance policy is issued, and even before its start date, a minimum charge of SGD$100 or 20% of the the yearly premium (whichever is higher) will be levied against the insured.
  • Within 1 month of the start date of an insurance policy, the following documentation must be provided to Kwiksure Singapore and the insurance provider to ensure the validity of the policy: (i) NCD proof (if applicable); (ii) up-to-date vehicle registration information in the insured's name; (iii) Driver's license information for each driver; (iv) a signed proposal form.
  • Pacific Prime Insurance Brokers Singapore Pte Ltd. (PPIBS) is an insurance intermediary that arranges insurance services and products on behalf of Kwiksure Singapore and their clients. PPIBS it not an insurance provider on its own, and does not underwrite insurance risk in any capacity. Nor does it officially represent any individual insurance company.
  • An insurance policy only will become valid and active once all personal information has been received and all outstanding premiums have been paid.
  • Insurance coverage will not be provided until such time as the insured has received a valid cover note confirming the policy is active.
  • No coverage shall be provided by an insurance policy until its effective date has passed.
  • All insured individuals are responsible for reading the wording of all policy documentation, as well as accepting limitations, exclusions, conditions and other terms of the policy before the effective date is reached. Kwiksure Singapore can provide a copy of any policy wording upon request.
  • Users acknowledge that insurance contracts are based on the concept of Utmost Good Faith of the insured. If Utmost Good Faith is not upheld by the insured, the insurer may void the contract. The concept of Utmost Good Faith extends beyond the duration of an insurance contract and is considered to be ongoing. The insured is obliged (i) to not make fraudulent claims; (ii) to not misrepresent facts and (iii) to disclose all material information that would be relevant to an insurer or underwriter for purposes of determining risk and associated premiums. Facts are considered relevant to insurers if they are in any way applicable to any condition that a policy would cover, even if a formal request for such information is not given.   

Any and all use of www.kwiksure.sg, as well as any of its web pages or subdomains, is complicit acknowledgment that you have accepted the terms of all of the above policies.