Kwiksure Singapore's insurance partners

Kwiksure Singapore is part of a global Kwiksure car insurance brand. This brand, in turn, is overseen by our global parent company Pacific Prime. Pacific Prime is an international insurance brokerage that delivers a range of insurance solutions to more than 500,000 clients around the world. Learn more about our partners and how we work together to provide exceptional service.

Kwiksure brands

The Kwiksure brand focuses primarily on providing exceptional car insurance solutions to people in the following locations:



Our Singapore office has existed with the Pacific Prime Singapore brand for over ten years. We offer a range of car insurance solutions, along with a variety of insurance solutions through Pacific Prime Singapore.

To learn more about our office and services, please feel free to explore our website. Or, if you are looking for the best car insurance in Singapore, click here for a free quote.

Hong Kong 

Hong Kong

Established in 2000, our Hong Kong office is a long-standing leader in car insurance brokering in the Special Administrative Region. Many of their team have been with Kwiksure since it started, delivering unparalleled service to locals and expats.

Pacific Prime Insurance Brokers

Pacific Prime is the global parent of both Pacific Prime Insurance Brokers Singapore Pte Ltd. and Kwiksure brands. The Pacific Prime side of the business primarily focuses on health insurance, and corporate and employee benefits solutions, but is licensed in several locations to offer much more than that. They are a leading broker that works with most major global insurers, and has offices in the following locations:

Singapore Hong Kong Dubai US (2018)
Shanghai Beijing Thailand UK (2018)

Clients of our Pacific Prime partners can enjoy a range of insurance products and solutions, including:

  • Health insurance
  • Wellness
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Maternity and IVF
  • Life and long-term disability insurance

Pacific Prime's corporate team also provides the following benefits:

  • Property
  • Employer’s liability
  • Public liability
  • Group travel and accident
  • Director’s and officer’s indemnity
  • Business interruption

Whatever your insurance needs, our global network can provide the right solutions to ensure you get the best coverage available.

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