Comprehensive car insurance for drivers in Singapore

Comprehensive car or motor insurance is the highest level of coverage motorists in Singapore can secure. By purchasing this type of cover you are protecting you, your vehicle and other parties from damage.

Comprehensive car policies are a step above third party car insurance plans, which only offer coverage for damage sustained to third parties. Under a comprehensive plan, any damage or injury sustained by you in an accident, regardless of the cause, can be claimed upon; although, this is provided that the terms of the policy are not breached (e.g. accidents caused while the insured is under the influence of alcohol or drugs).

Car owners in Singapore securing comprehensive motor insurance can benefit from:

  • No Claims Discount (NCD): A 10% discount offered to drivers who drive a whole year without any accidents which they are liable for. For each year you drive accident free, insurers will increase the discount up to a maximum of 50%. In some cases, this can be transferred between spouses and insurers.
  • Personal accident coverage: Compensates you and your passengers should they suffer death or disability due to an accident while driving your car.
  • No Claims Discount (NCD): A reward offered to drivers who drove a whole year without an accident. NCDs may also be transferred between insurers in some cases too.
  • Personal accident coverage: Compensates you and your passengers for treating injuries received in an accident. However, some plans may only offer such coverage to the driver of a vehicle.
  • Fire damage: Will cover damage incurred by your vehicle in the event of a fire. Damage from other types of natural disasters, such as flooding, may also be included.
  • Theft: Covers you in the event your vehicle is stolen.
  • Medical expenses (available as an add-on): Compensates you and your passengers for injuries received in an accident. Note: Some plans may only offer such coverage to the driver of a vehicle.

Other additional comprehensive car insurance benefits can include roadside assistance, vehicle towing, or coverage for windscreens and sunroofs.


Many of the exclusions and gaps in coverage left by third party car insurance plans are not present with comprehensive policies. There are, however, some things you should be aware of that can still leave you without coverage under such plans. These can vary between insurers, so it’s important to read and understand your policy document:

  • No coverage where a policy is not in force: If you don’t renew your policy before its expiry date, you may find that any incidents that take place before you do will not be covered.
  • Breaching policy conditions: Such as driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, drivers operating the vehicle without a valid license, or violation of a car manufacturer’s guidelines for use of a car.
  • Deliberate accidental loss: People intentionally causing damage or loss will not be covered for the cost of repairs or replacement.

Again, it’s important to be clear about what your policy does and does not cover, and when coverage will and will not apply. This can save you an unnecessary headache when you need your comprehensive car insurance most.

Is comprehensive motor insurance right for you?

Under Singapore law, the bare minimum levels of insurance you need to drive legally on the road are generally covered under third party plans. However, those who expect a higher standard of insurance coverage, particularly around damage and injury to yourself and your vehicle, should consider a comprehensive plan. They are more expensive than third party motor insurance, however, such plans can save you a lot of money in the long run should something serious happen.

To help, take a look at this brief overview of the benefits of the different types of car insurance policies available in Singapore:

  Third party car insuranceThird party fire and theft car insuranceComprehensive car insurance
Protection against liability to third parties (including passengers) for bodily injury or death Yes Yes Yes
Property damage to third parties Yes Yes Yes
Damages and losses resulting from fire and theft   Yes Yes
Damages and losses to your own vehicle     Yes
No Claims Discount (NCD) protection*     Yes
Personal accident and medical expenses cover*     Yes
Vehicle towing*     Yes
Windscreen damage*     Yes

*Items with an asterisk (*) are not included in all comprehensive car insurance policies.

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