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“One Motoring” launched to make Singaporean drivers’ lives easier

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) of Singapore has recently launched its new online service called “One Motoring”, with the aim of facilitating multiple types of vehicle-related transactions within one platform. This move is one of the LTA’s steps towards creating more citizen-centric solutions by giving clear, secure, and easy access to services, and reducing waiting times in physical LTA offices.

Today, Kwiksure Singapore will talk about the scope of the One Motoring platform for drivers, its features, and insurance matters related to the services provided.

One Motoring and its convenient digital services

The One Motoring portal will allow drivers in Singapore to attend to several vehicle-related matters online. With a smooth registration process, all of the driver’s data will be securely stored in the account, allowing them to perform different actions seamlessly. Services are divided into four categories: owning, buying, selling, and driving, which consist of a series of informative pieces of content, and easy to follow links to perform desired actions.

The platform is compatible with Singapore Personal Access (SingPass) and Singapore Access (CorpPass) 2FA methods, meaning users can perform all transactions with One Motoring and around 60 other Singapore government services by using a single digital identity account.

What can drivers do with One Motoring?

Some of the digital services drivers and vehicle owners in Singapore can settle via the One Motoring portal are:

  • Transfer of vehicle ownership;
  • Transfer of PARF/COE rebates;
  • Transfer of Temporary Certificate of Entitlement (TCOE);
  • Renew road tax;
  • Declare off-peak car usage:
  • Retain or transfer Vehicle Registration Number;
  • Buy e-Day Licence;
  • Vehicle deregistration.

Besides those services, an online Vehicle Entry Permit (VEP) application is available for foreign-registered vehicles to apply for their vehicles’ VEP online before entering Singapore. After successful approval of their application, drivers can pick up and pay for their VEP/Autopass cards at LTA’s offices at Woodlands and Tuas Checkpoints. This is yet another step in facilitating processes, reducing waiting times, and offering general improvement of services.

Vehicle insurance record updates

This feature will be particularly useful for those who are selling or buying a used car, and still willing to keep their accumulated NCD. However, as of now, online updating of vehicle insurance records is not yet available through the One Motoring site, though it has been announced that this feature will be available in 2019.

Changing insurance from one car to another

While you can transfer the ownership of your vehicle to another person – and vice versa – via the new portal, you need to take care of all vehicle insurance matters separately. That means you have to notify your insurer when either transferring your current vehicle’s ownership, or acquiring a new vehicle. Depending on the car details, your premiums may go up to adjust to a new vehicle’s underwriting.

NCD and changing car

Be careful! By switching insurers you may lose a year’s worth of your NCD; and since NCDs are connected to the driver, not the car, car insurance coverage for any number of vehicles you own in Singapore beyond your first will start with 0% NCD.

Vehicle insurance is a condition for a road tax renewal

In Singapore, besides the law that states every driver must have at least third party liability insurance in order to drive legally, there is also an obligation to pay a road tax. As it happens, to obtain a road tax certificate, a driver must also have valid motor insurance in place.

How can Kwiksure Singapore help?

All of these laws, obligations, and permits may sound difficult, and obtaining them seems time-consuming. If you appoint Kwiksure as your insurance broker of choice, an expert team of insurance advisers will assist you with any questions you may have about vehicle insurance in Singapore. We will help you with matters such as:

  • Choosing the right type of vehicle insurance for your needs and budget;
  • Comparing plans and quotations;
  • Securing and setting up a motor insurance policy;
  • Advising on procedures, insurance terms, and claims processes;
  • Assisting with making claims and policy renewals.

Our team of insurance experts knows all about vehicle insurance in SIngapore, and is always ready to offer you impartial advice on any motor insurance-related questions you may have.

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