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Choosing the right family car when living in Singapore

Getting the family in the car and going on a journey is a universal experience for many around the world. Whilst Singapore may not be a place where people might think of family road trips, its size and easy access to Malaysia can make for some great driving experiences with your partner and children. Choosing the right family car then becomes an important decision to make for both safety and comfort, and Kwiksure Singapore has some tips to help you find a vehicle that’s right for you.

Family car tips: What should you think about before you buy a vehicle?

While many of these helpful points will be relevant to any driver, there are still some specific things to think about when choosing a family car.

1. Put safety first

Driver and passenger wellbeing should always be paramount when selecting a new vehicle, and this is just as important when it comes to buying a family car. The Singapore Government accepts the crash safety standards of the European Union and Japan, though not all cars sold in the country may have been tested by recognized organizations.

Check with your car dealer or private seller as to whether the car you’re going to purchase has been tested or, alternatively, take a potential vehicle purchase to an inspection center before you take ownership.

2. Choose a vehicle that suits your needs

Do you have a large family or have you just given birth to your first child? Space can be a premium when it comes to being a passenger in a family car – particularly when you have multiple children. Be sure to choose an appropriately-sized vehicle that will not only fit your family, but also any pets or extra equipment you may travel with when driving together.

Similarly, think about what else your car will do besides moving people from A to B. Do you have a boat that needs towing to a marina? Does your family like to kayak or water-ski? Seek out vehicles that also come with the ability to cater for added features, like a tow bar or a roof rack, so you’re road ready for any activity.

3. Think about easy-to-clean interiors

Every family that drives together will have some nightmare story of a child that gets carsick, an ice cream that fell on the backseat floor, or regularly cleaning mud from soccer boots and clothes out of the trunk. With a family car, it’s important to consider how easy or difficult the vehicle will be to maintain and keep clean in the event that something unfortunate happens.

4. Be mindful of fuel efficiency and maintenance

Not all cars are created equal, and some vehicles will either burn through fuel or cost huge amounts to repair. Before you buy that family car, be sure to research just how fuel efficient it is, and what the average cost to repair or maintain it will be. Generally, Asian car makers rank pretty highly in terms of fuel efficiency and repair costs, but there are always exceptions to this rule if you’re after something European or American.

5. After sales service and warranty

One of the key things people forget when buying a car is how to protect it after you’ve purchased it. Obviously, car insurance is a must – but what about the warranty and after-sales services? Research where you might get your car serviced, it’s proximity to your work or home, and what sort of services are covered before you invest in a new or used family car.

Protecting your family car with car insurance

The final piece of the puzzle is to consider which form of car insurance you might need to cover your family car. Third party insurance will cover any damage or injury incurred by others in an accident or crash involving your vehicle, but will you be okay to pay for the repairs and health costs to yourself, your car, and your family? Comprehensive solutions are generally a better option when it comes to family car insurance and Kwiksure Singapore can help.

Our experienced staff can help talk through what your needs will be with vehicle coverage and work to find the best Singapore car insurance plan to meet your needs. Whether you’re driving a sleek sports car that fits a car seat, a roomy people-mover with sports equipment in the back, or a luxury SUV, contact the team at Kwiksure Singapore to secure the best family car insurance in the country.