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Can taking a defensive driving course affect your car insurance plan?

You might have seen elsewhere that drivers in other countries can secure a discount on their premiums by completing a defensive driving course. It makes sense. Your car insurance plan price is based on risk; if you’re a more skilled driver, you’re more likely to be safer, which means your risk of causing an accident is lower. Defensive driving courses are widely available throughout Singapore, but will successfully completing one have any impact on your coverage?

This Kwiksure Singapore article explores what these courses are, why they’re useful, and how they might impact your car insurance in the Lion City.

What is a defensive driving course?

A defensive driving course aims to aid drivers in adopting safer driving habits through defensive skills. These skills are defined as “driving to save lives, time, and money, in spite of the conditions around [drivers] and the actions of others”. The training goes beyond the basic road rules for the country and introduces a range of driving techniques that helps drivers better position themselves to react should a hazard emerge.

These courses can take anywhere from one to several days to complete, and may involve both theory and practical elements to reinforce good driver behavior. Typically, drivers learn about spatial awareness, identifying bad driving behaviors and preparing for them, and how to avoid dangerous situations when they arise. In Singapore, courses can take place in a number of languages to suit learners.

Why should I do a defensive driving course?

Whilst it’s not a mandatory requirement to take a defensive driving course in Singapore, there are a number of solid advantages to doing so. Here, we look at some of the most common benefits to completing driver safety training:

You’re more skilled

Having a license doesn’t necessarily mean you’re a highly skilled driver; simply that you’ve met the minimum requirements for being allowed to drive legally on the roads. Taking a defensive driving course can help you to improve on your basic skills by learning more about braking, cornering, safe following distances, and other hazard identification and avoidance to make you a safer, and more skilled, driver overall.

You’re more confident

Being better prepared to deal with unexpected events on the roads is also key to improving your confidence behind the wheel. Confidence is a huge psychological factor that can impact not only the way you drive, but the way others interact with your driving. Less confident drivers are more likely to cause stressful situations on the road for all drivers around them, increasing the likelihood of an accident.

You’re more knowledgeable

Education is key to ensuring good habits and behaviours on the road. Many defensive driving courses will support their positions on things like drink or drug driving with relevant statistics. With these, you’ll be better informed about what the actual consequences and impacts of your choices as a driver and, hopefully, make better decisions on the road.

You’re safer

Defensive driving skills not only keep you safe but also those driving around you and any passengers you might be carrying. Being able to better identify threats and hazards, being confident enough to react to them, and knowing the best way to avoid an accident all reduces your risk of being involved in an incident on the road.

Will completing a defensive driving course affect my car insurance plan?

Unfortunately, there is no direct discount offered by insurers to drivers that have completed a defensive driving course. That doesn’t mean that the courses are useless with respect to your car insurance plan. In fact, there are related benefits to undertaking a defensive driving course that can have an impact on your vehicle coverage.

A No Claims Discount will be easier to keep if you’re a lower risk of being involved in an accident. This is important as the amount a driver can save, after five years, can be as high as 50% on your car insurance plan. As your NCD increases over time, it makes sense to invest in a defensive driving course to ensure you’re better equipped skill-wise to maintain it over the years.

In the future, however, it might be possible for Singaporean drivers to see a discount on their premiums after taking a defensive course. When this happens, Kwiksure Singapore will be your best source of advice for where to get such a policy – and whether or not it’ll actually save you money.

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