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Choosing the right music to reduce driving distractions on Singapore roads

For some, all the new car tech in the world can’t compare to the greatest addition to a vehicle that’s ever existed: the car stereo. Starting off as a radio, then accepting 8-tracks, cassette tapes, CDs, and eventually audio files like MP3s, driving music has been a key part of the experience of getting behind the wheel. There are some, however, who believe that vehicle audio is just one of many driving distractions – and this can be as true as those who use their mobile phones whilst driving.

This week, Kwiksure Singapore takes a bit of a casual step back and looks at how to choose the right tunes to ensure that you’re not distracted whilst driving in Singapore.

Radio vs personal playlists

Either you want to be in control or you don’t. Singapore has a huge range of different radio stations that cater to different tastes and languages, new and old favourites, and even options for those who prefer public discussion and news. This can be great if you’re not the sort of person who fusses over playlists or worries about how well the next track follows the current one, or when you’re looking for things you wouldn’t normally listen to.

Personal playlists can be the ultimate soundtrack to your own driving experience. You can choose the songs, the genre, the tempo, and artists to match whatever you want your mood inside the car to be on any given day. Maybe it’s a list of new jams, or perhaps a selection of great sing-along tracks. Choosing your own music can be empowering and enjoyable for those who like to create just the right atmosphere behind the wheel.

Tips for curating your own personal playlists

When it comes to putting together a playlist for your drive, here’s a few easy things to consider:


Choosing a genre for music lovers can be like being a kid in a candy store. The sky really is the limit when it comes to picking the style of music for your playlist, ranging from traditional choices of Classical, Rock, and Hip Hop, to some truly strange sounding genres like Fidget House, Nerdcore, Vaporwave and Aussietronica. Each genre can lend itself to certain moods or feelings, and you can even mix songs from multiple genres together.

It’s also a great idea to try out genres that you normally wouldn’t listen to. Some genres, however, can be more likely to cause distracted driving, such as Aggrotech, with it’s industrialized samples, pitch-tuned vocals, and militaristic lyrics. Getting hype and playing music that you can groove to while driving is great, but remember that safety is always the priority.


We all strive to be in as happy a mood as we can, but sometimes we just don’t feel it. Music can help you feel better when you’re blue or a bit hot under the collar. Services like Spotify have entire playlists dedicated to simple moods (like Happy or Sad songs), or moody moments or experiences (such as Confidence Boost or Summer Acoustic). Find one to match the mood you’re in, or the one you want.

Just remember, our mood can often affect our actions and, when driving, it’s important that you’re not overcome with emotions so that you can be a safe driver. The key to avoiding driving distractions is acknowledging potential hazards, so it’s probably worth avoiding Adele’s Hello if you’ve recently broken up with someone, or Limp Bizkit’s Break Stuff if you’re angry about something at work.


If you’re driving with friends or family, remember that they also have their own tastes and preferences when it comes to car audio. Sometimes the radio can be your best bet, but other times you might have an album or a playlist that everyone likes that you can all ride along to. Families with young ones may not want a lot of intense music or tracks with explicit lyrics and subject matter, while, if you’re driving with teenage grandkids, they may not appreciate your old Country and Western music.

Whatever your choice of music when driving with passengers, it’s important to remember that your main focus should be on the road and potential hazards around you. Keeping everyone safe is absolutely key if you want to keep everyone having a good time during the journey.

Protecting yourself against driving distractions

Regardless of your choice of audio, the main message here is that you should always make safety your number one priority. Just like checking your mobile phone, spending too much time focused on your car stereo takes away from the time you could and should be using to keep you, your car, and its passengers out of danger. Here are some quick tips for staying safe whilst driving to music or spoken audio:

  • Opt for vehicles that have stereo controls on the steering wheel
  • Set your music or audio to play before you start your journey and try to make as few changes as possible while driving
  • If you need to make a significant change, consider pulling over in a safe place before doing so
  • Keep your music at an appropriate level that still allows you to hear potential hazards or dangers
  • Avoid music that is likely to negatively affect your mood or emotional state while driving
  • Have fun singing with passengers in your car, but always make safety your priority

The car stereo can be viewed, without a doubt, as one of the biggest things to change the driving experience that has ever been, but it’s important that we use it responsibly when we’re out on the roads.

Protecting yourself and your vehicle against unexpected disasters

Accidents happen. It might happen while you are distracted by the radio, or it might have been a different driving distraction. Whatever happens, the best way to protect yourself and the vehicles you drive is by having Singapore car insurance. Third party insurance will cover damage and injury caused to third parties, but you’ll be left on the hook to cover the costs of your own damage out of pocket.

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