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Choosing the best car insurance agency in Singapore

There are plenty of businesses out there willing to help you buy car insurance. Maybe you don’t have the time to do it alone, or maybe you’re just not confident in scanning the market yourself. Using a car insurance agency or broker can be a quick and easy way to get the best car insurance solutions without all the hassle. But how can you be sure you’re working with the best car insurance agency in Singapore? This week, Kwiksure Singapore talks about what you should look for in an motor insurance intermediary.

What is a car insurance agency?

An auto insurance agency either works for or independent of an actual vehicle insurance policy provider. Insurers create the policies that agencies then market to drivers for a commission, but a key feature of agencies themselves is that some may only sell plans from a single insurer, while others may offer policies from a range of different companies. Why is this important to note, though?

When you’re looking for the best car insurance agency in Singapore, you’ll want one that puts your interests first. Agents of single insurance providers can only provide plans that their insurer offers. If your needs don’t quite match those plans, then you may be putting yourself in a position where you have to live with insufficient car coverage. An independent agency, instead, works for you first, and the insurer second. If one provider doesn’t have what you want at a price you can afford, that agency can look elsewhere for a better fit.

How do I know if I’m talking to the best car insurance agency in Singapore?

While “best” is a subjective term, there are still some common things all drivers should consider when looking for vehicle insurance in Singapore.

1. Which insurance providers do they work with?

An easy way to know if a car insurance agency is captive or independent is to find out which companies they sell policies from. Is it just one? Then they’re a captive agent. If they sell more than one, find out who they are. Maybe even research them. If they’re partnered with a number of big name, reputable insurers, then that can be a good sign they’re a respected intermediary. Do they only work with insurers you’ve never heard of? It might pay to be a bit cautious.

2. What is their customer service like?

Some car insurance agencies offer more than just sales service. Some will go beyond simply earning commission from a policy, and provide you with a range of after-sales support; from claims and renewals assistance, to an advice hotline should you have any questions about your vehicle insurance. Take note of how you’re treated as a customer, as it may indicate how useful and effective the after-sales service can be.

3. Do they sound like they know what they’re talking about?

There are plenty of cowboys in the insurance industry. Some of the more shady businesses will sell insurance the same way a convenience store clerk sells magazines; They don’t know what’s inside the product, they just know how much it costs. Ask about things like the difference in third party and comprehensive insurance, what your excess or deductible can be, extra benefits such as Roadside Assistance, or how the No Claims Discount works. If they sound unsure about these common car insurance topics, they’re probably not the best car insurance agency in Singapore.

4. Check out reviews online

Most major insurance agents will have reviews on either Google, Facebook, or their own company websites. Take a quick look online to see if there are any past clients heaping praise or complaints on an agent. Can’t find any? It might just mean they’re new to the game, but it can also trigger warning signals about that agent. Don’t be afraid to ask the company about specific review comments too. If they can’t offer an explanation, then perhaps they don’t know they have a problem.  

5. Shop around

As we said earlier, there is an entire business sector of companies all striving to be the best car insurance agency in Singapore. What matters most is which one is the best for you. Like a captive agent, if you’re only seeking motor insurance assistance from one company, then you’re restricting yourself when finding the potential options on the market. Car insurance agencies are used to working in competition with each other, and a little competition does nothing but help you out in the end.

Add Kwiksure Singapore to your car insurance conversation

We’re believe we are the best car insurance agency in Singapore, but you won’t know for sure if we’re the best fit for you until we talk to you. Let us find out what your car insurance needs are in this fantastic city, and we’ll do all the rest. Expect an extensive assessment of the wider car insurance market, car insurance quotes for plans that match your needs and budget, and exceptional service that’s consistent both before and after you buy.

Kwiksure Singapore is here for you. We’re an independent broker that always puts our clients first. For a free quote or some helpful advice, contact the expert team at Kwiksure Singapore today.